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Types of Insulation Panels for Cold Room Construction

Hotels and food manufacturers cannot do without a huge food storage facility, such as the cold room. Over the years, the concept of cold rooms has greatly evolved thanks to advancements in technology.

Today, there are many different customization options available for cold rooms. Different types of PU panels are used to build different types of cold rooms. In this post, we discuss the types of insulated panels and their significance in cold room construction.

What are Insulated Panels?

The material that makes up the exterior of the cold storage is called the insulated panel. The goal of the insulated panels is to ensure a proper temperature is maintained inside the cold panels, and that air leakage is prevented to ensure maximum safety.

Generally, insulated panels are used in the external and internal roofs in different outlets, warehouses, factories, airports, and various buildings.


Types of Structural Insulation Panel (SIP) Systems

There are two main types of structural insulation panels (SIP). They are:

  • Insulation material in which the outer facings are made with the help of adhesive.
  • Outer facings are already prefabricated, and the core is made with a suitable insulating material like Polyurethane.

Generally, a structural PU panel for a cold room consists of the insulation material, an outer covering material, adhesives, and joints to assemble the panels.

The structural insulation panels are also called sandwich panels or composite panels because they have an interlocking tongue and groove system for easy assembly.

Such panels are highly beneficial for the cold store panel systems because an efficient interlocking system is useful in multi-panel walls for easy reconfiguration. The benefits of such panels are high thermal insulation, high structural rigidity, quick installation, lightweight, and minimal waste.

Polyurethane insulated panels have a high R-value of 4.5 per inch. However, they are typically more expensive than the other types of PU panels for cold rooms. You can enjoy maximum resistance to water and fire with these panels.

Another benefit of such panels is that they come in liquid foam and can easily be inserted between the two lumber skins. Once it gets tough, the foam will create a strong bond between the skins to provide high insulation.



Expanded Polystyrene Insulated Panels

Expanded polystyrene insulated panels are suitable for people and businesses who want to enjoy maximum insulation in cold rooms with the lowest budget. The R-value of such panels is about R-3 to R-4 per inch.

Generally, the higher value of R means better thermal performance. This is considered to be one of the most reliable and efficient PU panels for cold rooms.



Neopor Insulated Panels

The best way to understand the Neopor insulated panels is to consider them as an improved version of the EPS. It is created with the same process but after adding graphite. It has an R-value of 4.5 per inch, which is significantly higher than the value of EPS.

Moreover, the NEO panels are much less permeable that reduces the amount of air and water going through the panel, providing maximum comfort and efficiency.



Compressed Straw Cole Insulated Panels

Straw IPs are quickly becoming popular among people because they are much more eco-friendly than the rest of the types of panels.

Renewable waste agricultural straw is used in such panels. However, you should keep in mind that they have a low R-value and are significantly heavier than the other panels.


Benefits of PU Panels

There are many benefits of installing PU panels for cold rooms. Some of them are:

A massive amount of energy is saved by installing the right kind of panels.

Panels also facilitate diverse applications for both internal and external walls, providing the much-needed thermal efficiency in cold rooms.

Professional PU panel suppliers are able to construct the panels and the cold rooms in the best way possible. As a result, the time of construction is reduced, and the best practices are used to get the maximum benefits from the panels.


All in All

For those who are familiar with the different types of PU panels, making the best choice should be easy.

You can also get in touch with Teck Chuan Industrial Sdn Bhd, your professional PU panel supplier for expert advice and construct your cold rooms in an efficient and reliable manner.

Ultimately, choosing the right kind of panels will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits of the cold room.

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