10 Common Types of Commercial Cold Rooms and Features

Industrial cold room

When it comes to storing a huge amount of food at a low temperature, cold rooms are certainly the most popular option.

However, choosing a suitable cold room can be quite challenging because there are a great variety of cold rooms produced by different cold room manufacturers on the market. 

Different businesses have varying requirements when it comes to storing food products.

We’re pleased to present to you in this post some of the most common types of commercial cold rooms.

1. Remote Cold Rooms

A condenser unit, evaporator unit, and other components like glass, dryer, and extension valves are used by the cold room specialist to build a highly-efficient remote cold room.

A unique feature of this type of cold room is that the compressors are installed on the outline. Like most refrigeration systems, coolant is transported from the condenser to the compressor through a line.


2. Standard Cold Rooms

The standard cold room panels are used to build a reliable refrigeration system to fulfil the requirements of small and medium-scale businesses and stores. Such cold rooms are specially designed to handle low-temperature levels for an extended period of time.

A standard cold room releases the cool air vertically. Moreover, all of the components are placed in a single refrigeration framework.


3. Penthouse Cold Rooms

If you own a large-scale business or have a large amount of food you need to store at a suitable temperature, then you should consider the services of a cold room specialist to build a penthouse cold room.

This type of cold rooms provides sufficient space for strolling in refrigeration. As a result, you will have more space for capacity racks. An efficient fan system is installed in a penthouse cold room.

Moreover, it has numerous advantages like a greater storage room and a significantly reduced downtime of the cold room panels to maximize the efficiency of the entire system.


4. Saddle Mount Cold Rooms

The saddle mount cold room panels are hung over the wall before installing the roof. Such cold rooms are quite easy to install. However, it is better that you rely on a cold room specialist to ensure proper installation.

A significant advantage of such cold rooms is that they are pre-assembled, so you will not have to spend too much energy and extra money on the installation.


5. Walk-in Chillers

Modern walk-in chillers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Cold room manufacturers are providing a wide range of walk-in chillers. Generally, large organizations and multinational enterprises make use of such freezers.

However, the introduction of customized cold room panels has made it possible for small-scale businesses to install suitable walk-in chillers. A noticeable feature of a walk-in chiller is that its size can easily be customized, and hence, you can fit this refrigeration system in your available space.


6. Industrial Cold Rooms

As the name suggests, the purpose of industrial cold rooms is to fulfil large-scale refrigeration requirements. Cold room manufacturers such as Teck Chuan Industrial Sdn Bhd provides industrial cold rooms in both individual and unified designs.

Moreover, customized industrial cold rooms are also being developed to fulfil unique requirements.  The application of this type of cold rooms includes food processing units, medical labs, the frozen food industry, and more.


7. Prefabricated Cold Rooms

Prefabricated cold rooms are the refrigeration system in which the cold room panels and other ready components are designed to quickly build small cold rooms. Most of such cold rooms have a maximum capacity of 200t.

The assembly and installation of prefabricated cold rooms are typically carried out by cold room specialists. They have very high efficiency. As a result, businesses are able to cut down their expenses.


8. Centralized Cold Rooms

Centralized cold rooms are usually installed by large companies to fulfil complex refrigeration requirements. Users are able to control such systems via a mobile application, which makes it easy for them to operate their business remotely.


9. Flake and Block Cold Rooms

A flake and block cold room has a highly efficient design that is suitable for both general and industrial purposes. It is often marketed as an all-in-one solution because even small-scale businesses can rely on customized flake and block cold room.


10. Hypermarket Cold Rooms

All of the major supermarkets make use of a traditional cold room that is remotely mounted. It has a very simple method of installation and maintenance, which makes it easy for hypermarkets to maintain such cold rooms.


The Bottom Line

The different types of cold rooms discussed above are some of the most common cold rooms offered by cold room manufacturers in Malaysia.

Established cold room manufacturer like Teck Chuan Industrial Sdn Bhd offers customized refrigeration solutions to fulfil different customer requirements.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch with our specialists.


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